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Restore all your lost data with smart data recovery solutions: Reach us for affordable services

Lost all your saved data? Data loss is a common crisis which everyone suffers from due to various reasons. You secure your data with dedication and then one fine day everything that you have stored gets deleted. We empathize with your loss. But hold on! If you have enough faith in the popular belief that once you lose your data, it cannot be restored, it’s time for you to debunk your belief in this notion. One must have technical knowledge to get back the data because the recovery process is very complicated and involves a lot of technicalities. You can recover your data by using simple data recovery solutions.


Whoops! Data loss- Have a look at the causes

Our experts have received specialized training in recovering lost data, so it’s time for you to leave all your worries with us. We have given a lot of effort to decipher the reasons behind data loss. We are enlisting the factors below so that you can take measures to avoid data loss. For those who still couldn’t find a reason for their loss of data, know the top five reasons stated below:

data recovery

  1. Hardware or system malfunctioning

According to a survey, more than two-fifth of users have lost their data due to hardware or system failure. Electrical failure, head crash, controller failure makes the hardware defective which results in data loss.


  1. Human errors

 Users unintentionally hit the delete button or they drop the storage device by accident and as a result files gets deleted automatically. We understand that the loss is critical but trust us, we can are here to normalize your situation and restore all your data with easy steps.


  1. Software Corruption

Have you come across the unexpected shutdown of your software while you are making an important document? Such scenarios are called software corruption which are caused when any diagnostic tool occupies a lot of memory. If you are not accessing diagnostic utilities with caution, chances are high that your software is getting corrupted and all your stored data can get deleted at any point of time.


  1. Virus and malware attacks

You store your files with so much effort, but all your effort goes in vain due to malware interference. How fair is that? Computer viruses slow down your computer and they steal your credit card information followed by misuse of your data. Viruses spread like wildfire; they cause partial or complete damage to all your files. Antivirus software looks like a reliable option, but with continuous usage these software loses charm. It’s recommended that you always create a backup file to avoid data loss.


  1. Natural disasters

Who are we to control nature? But we can definitely control the amount of data loss that happens due to natural disasters. According to a popular survey, three percent of users have lost data due to natural disasters.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, unauthorized guests in your network can cause permanent damage to your saved files. They can damage the network process if they get the access to your computer. Spilling any kind of fluid on your system can cause short circuit resulting in severe data loss. If you have lost your data due to any of the factors mentioned above, our experts at UAE Technician will help you with computer data recovery.


Need laptop data recovery solutions? Let our experts unveil the amazing solutions

All is not lost yet! Our experts at UAE Technician will recover your data instantly without wasting much of your time. Let us know how we can help you in recovering your data. If you are encountering network congestion while calling, avail our live chat facility for hard drive data recovery. Your views regarding the efficiency of our work will be awaited. Give a buzz! Hurry!


Easy hacks to recover your lost data: Get an idea about Disaster Recovery Plan and Solution

A disaster recovery plan, commonly abbreviated as DRP, is a documented and structured list of instructions for responding to odd and arbitrary incidents. This plan consists of the detailed precautionary measures  to minimize the effect of disaster. It is important for every company to operate swiftly to earn maximum profit. So, every company must be ready with a plan-B which must be operative at the time of emergency. Disaster recovery plan and solution includes an analysis of business processes and needs. Before generating an elaborate plan, every organization performs a business impact analysis, abbreviated as BIA and risk analysis.

Significance of Recovery Point Objective:

With the help of recovery point objective, the maximum targeted period in which data might be lost can be recognized. This helps the system designers to limit the work. If the RPO is restricted to few hours then off site snapshots must be frequently maintained because off site backup will not be sufficient. RPO helps you to keep a balance between the plan you want to run and implement the plan you want in place.

Make your plan-B today and prevent critical loss:

Who likes to tackle unexpected disruptions? But fate spares none. Unexpected situations can strike you anytime. Knowing you have a full proof plan to execute offers you peace of mind. Disaster Recovery Plan can save your organization from upcoming challenges. It saves a lot of money and time in the long run. A little farsightedness and forethought is what it takes to chalk out a brilliant plan to be executed at the time of an emergency. Being prepared means you are under the supervision of tech experts. Adverse situations can do nothing if you are ready to counter the attacks. If you take charge of your system and respond under pressure, nothing will affect your business.

Factors that are responsible for the loss of data:

At times of disaster, one thing that mostly affects an organization is data loss. Malwares and Trojans can enter your system through unknown sources and delete all your data. Power outages leads to loss of data. If you are not accessing diagnostic utilities with caution, chances are high that your software is getting corrupted and all your stored data can get deleted at any point of time. If a third party has access to your system, they can misuse all stored data. Spilling any kind of fluid on your system can cause short circuit resulting in severe data loss.

The good news is that you can recover what you have lost with the help of Data Recovery in Dubai. Our experts at UAE Technician are efficient and experienced in handling data recovery cases. Rely on us and let us help you to recover all your lost data.

data recovery

Give a buzz and get solutions in an instant:

Feel free to dial our helpline number +971-523252808 for Data Recovery solutions. Don’t stress over the data that has been lost. Reach us and get hold of all your lost data. With us, there is no room for disappointment. We handle your issues with utmost care and provide you with affordable solutions. You can also mail us by enlisting your queries. We don’t make you wait for replies, we respond immediately to your calls and emails. So, what are you waiting for just reach us today!

Dell Computer & Laptop Repair services in Dubai

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Call us at 0557503724 for Dell Laptop Repair in Dubai

Dell is a multinational brand of laptop & the desktop computer on the market. Dell is an international product Maker Company related to Computer & Laptop. Large number of users of Dell Laptop & desktop Computer available in Dubai, UAE. Dell laptop is doing work very smoothly. If you looking any kind of hardware issues like heating problem, screen damage and crack, Disk issues, Keyboard keys work not properly any kind of issues. You need to repair laptop and replace the screen of the laptop. No problem! Call us @ 0557503724 for solving any kind of issues related to your device. We have teams of professional technician for your Dell Laptop Repair services provided in Dubai. We are using only Dell Genuine Parts to repair Dell Laptop and Computer.

Dell Laptop MotherBoard Replacement services in Dubai, UAE

If you are facing issues with your laptop, switch on, Dell laptop heating issues, Keyboard keys are not working properly, adapter issues, hard disk related issues and any other problem with your laptop and desktop computer. Contact us to gating solution of your all issues at our single platform related to your laptop and desktop. Our Dell technician expert team has ten years experience to provide services for laptop repair services in Dubai at anywhere and anytime.

The Dell Laptop related services in Dubai, which is provided by us. Such that like: –

  • Dell-service-center
  • Dell-laptop-screen-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-battery-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-hard-disk-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-adapter-repair
  • Dell-laptop-motherboard-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-heating-repair
  • Dell-laptop-camera-repair
  • Dell-laptop-keyboard-replacement
  • Dell-laptop-water-damage

What we offer:

  • 24*7 hours services.
  • Drop It Off or we pick it up – You Decide
  • Services available at anywhere in Dubai
  • Used only Dell Genuine Parts
  • Specially Technician Team for Dell laptopContact us @ 0557503724 for resolve Dell Laptop MotherBoard Repair issues at your home and office.

Asus Repair in Dubai

Asus Computer & Laptop repair services in Dubai. Call us @ 0557503724

Asus is a multinational brand of laptop, computer, graphic cards, monitors, hardware, motherboards, and tablets and many more. Asus LCD screen is damaged & crack than you need for replacement of Asus computer and Laptop. Our professional and certified technician for repair & replacement of Asus devices accessories.

If you have any hardware problem with your Asus Computer and Laptop then you need for repair Asus Devices like Computer, Laptop etc. Do not waste time contact with us a better solution for your Asus Device. We have a special team for Asus repair in Dubai. Our technician used only Asus part for repairing your Asus device.

Our Asus repair Service Best Repairs for:

  • Asus Desktop or Computers
  • Asus Laptops
  • Asus Net books
  • Asus Tablets
  • Asus LCD/LED
  • Asus Smartphone
  • Asus Monitors
  • Asus Hardware
  • And so on…


The service technician will be carefully solved your broken hinge and replace it with the Asus part for your Asus Laptop and computer.

For the best services by our certified technician to any issues of ASUS repair in Dubai Call us @ 0557503724.

iMac repair services in dubai

iMac Repair Services in Dubai Call Us @ 0557503724

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, iMac. IMac devices are an elegant, sleek and a beautiful compact designed device that offers an ultimate desktop experience provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices. IMac is the idea that draws people towards it and as it said no one can predict the possibility of  iMac issues, people went through a lot of trouble/issue at that time when there is no repair services around them. So, here we come in light with 24*7 iMac repair services to resolve your issues through the onsite support.

We are here to listen to your problems and resolve it as soon as possible with 100% satisfaction. Our onsite professionals and technician working 24*7 to provide onsite support and then apply methods for fixing it. We believe customer is the key to success and our area of expertise can make us achieve that. We do understand the value of your time and money so we are here to provide you with the best solution/support. And we believe in instant solution on time.



Why You Should Try to Fix Your Own Computer Problem First

Just yesterday your computer is working perfectly then today when you try to power on your computer your computer screen welcomes you with lots of errors such as blue screen, boot failures messages, hearing error beeps from your motherboard speaker and or lots of errors messages appearing on your computer display screen when windows load. The first thing that may come to your mind is to bring the computer to your local computer repair shop just because you think that it is hard to repair this kind of computer problems and need lots of expertise to fix your computer problem by yourself. Sometimes repairing a computer problem don’t require you to be a computer wizard or a rocket scientist to fix it yourself, just following some simple instruction can solve your computer problems most of the time. Try searching the type of computer problem you encounter on this site or try searching in google, I’m sure you can find a lot of result relevant to your computer problem and a step by step instruction on how to deal and fix your computer problem.
Do It Yourself

Fixing your computer either hardware or software related problem will save you lots of money and the time getting your computer to your local computer repair shop. Saving money is probably the most obvious advantage of fixing your computer yourself despite the fact that you also gain some knowledge in repairing or fixing your computer, so the next time the same problem occurs you already know how to fix it it again by yourself. For a computer technician “like me” we always want you to bring your computer to the repair shop but if you can do it yourself then no one is prohibiting you to do it by yourself.

You don’t need lots of expensive tools to fix your computer

You might think you need lots of tools to fix your computer just like a car mechanics have, in repairing a computer a screw driver alone can do most of the job when related to hardware failure but with software problem you can always download lots of free tools on the net to do the job and by following some simple steps by step guide to accomplish the task. Sometimes hardware related problem can be solved by just reinserting a computer memory a video card or just tightening a loose cable connector.

If you think you can’t do it

If for instance you have tried your best in solving the problem and yet nothing fix it or you are too afraid to do it yourself or maybe this is your first time holding a computer mouse and have trouble using it then it might be the right time to bring your computer to your local computer repair shop. Before bringing your computer to the shop list down the problem you encounter with your computer the nature of the problem such as your Windows don’t boot, Frequent system hang, error beeps, blue screen, viruses or any other problem you encountered as this is will be ask by the technician and to speed up fixing your computer.

How to Fix Non-system Disk or Disk error

Seeing an error message that says “Non-system disk or disk error” when you power on your computer means that your computer can’t find windows in your hard drive and therefore it cannot continue to load Windows. This is very frustrating because you cannot use your computer until the problem is fixed.

Here are some simple trouble shooting tips you can follow to solve this “Non-system disk or disk error” error message. I presume you have some basic know how on some basic computer components, please check out PC Component for some basic guide on computer parts and accessories.

  1. Make sure that your computer is booting from your internal hard drive where Windows is installed. Check that your first boot device is your hard drive to do this go to CMOS setup by pressing “delete” or “F2” key when your PC is in Power-On-Self-Test (POST) status and check that your first boot device priority is set to your hard drive or HDD also check that your hard disk drive is detected by the system. If you have more than one drive connected to your computer you have to select the drive where windows is installed, usually it is installed on the primary hard drive and not the secondary hard drive but that will depend on the setup of the manufacturer when you first purchase your computer or you can just disconnect the cable on the other hard drive and let the only drive where windows is installed the only drive connected to your system or motherboard.
  2. Other possibilities is that your computer might be trying to load Windows from a removable media rather than from the hard disk inside your computer, remove any inserted or connected USB flash drives, digital cameras, memory cards also check for media that might be inserted on the floppy disk and CD/DVD drives.
  3. If instruction 1 and 2 doesn’t fix the problem and the error still persist, there is a probability that some portion of your hard drive might be corrupt specially the boot sector of your hard drive. The remedy for this is to insert your windows installation disk and performing a repair of installation of windows. In this step you have to have your Windows CD/DVD installation disk at hand and boot on your CD/DVD drive. You can skip this procedure and go to the next procedure if you like.
  4. If instruction 1 to 3 doesn’t fix the problem, then you have to open the casing of your computer and check for the cable connected to your hard drive. The error might be due to a loose connection between your motherboard and your hard drive. First of find the SATA cable inside your computer, if your hard drive is SATA drive. Check for IDE cable if you are using PATA Hard drive. If you are not familiar with Hard drives check out the Hard disk drive article on this site for more information. When you found the cable try removing it and then reseating the cable firmly, just be careful not to apply too much force that may cause something to break inside your computer, do this both on your hard disk drive and the motherboard.
  5. If instruction 1 to 4 doesn’t fix the problem then your hard drive may have failed. If your hard drive has failed you have to replace your hard drive and you have to clean install windows on your new hard drive.

How to Troubleshoot a Computer That Won’t Power On

The most horrifying problem that you can encounter in a computer is to see that your computer does not power on. I mean by does not power on is that your computer is dead, the Power and HDD LED don’t light up, you don’t hear any sound from the FAN inside your computer, you don’t hear your Hard disk drive spin and no display on your display monitor. The first thing that may come up to our mind is that there is a hardware failure and most probably the computer power supply is the faulty hardware that causes this.

Before we come to a conclusion that the power supply is the cause of the problem we have to consider other factor that might cause your computer not to turn on such as power plug or probably a short circuit inside your computer. The tips and techniques I’m going to share you is based on my experience as a computer repair technician and I’m doing this technique for more than 15 years in the field . The troubleshooting method I’ll cover here is only for power related and does not cover the error messages when loading windows.

Troubleshooting tips for a computer that does not power on.

Before you try to open your computer casing, first is to have an external visual inspection of your computer. You should first check the following before proceeding to the next step.

  1. Check that the computer power cable is plugged-in properly in to the socket of the power supply of your computer.
  2. Check that the Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) or your Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is powered on and connected to a 110/230V wall socket.
  3. Check that the power wall socket is working and delivering the correct voltage of 110V or 220V depending on your country voltage standard.
  4. If your computer power supply have power on switch, check that the power on switch of the computer power supply is switched on.
  5. Check that the power cable going to the power supply is in good condition and doesn’t have a tear or wear, sometimes rodent do love to eat wire robber such as power cords and the wire inside the cord do break .
  6. Check that your monitor has power on it.
  7. Check that the power button on the front panel of your computer is working properly and is not stucked or defective.I have experienced before when somebody ask me for an assistance to check his computer because his computer doesn’t power on and just to find out later that the cause is just the power cord not properly inserted to the wall socket.With all the external inspection done and nothing happens then it’s now time that we open the computer casing, to do this you just have to unscrew the two screws at the back, the left side of your computer casing.

    When you have opened your computer casing, the first thing to do is to touch any metallic part on your computer casing to discharge any static from your body. The next step is to remove all of the add-on card or peripheral devices attached to your motherboard such as your Ethernet card, sound card or any other devices attached to your motherboard except the memory and the processor with the heat sink. Sometimes add-on cards when defective drain too much power from the power supply that causes the power supply to shut down or even causes short circuit that shut down the power supply. Please always bear in mind that every time you remove any add-on card or peripheral devices on the motherboard always make sure that the power cord is removed from the computer power supply to avoid any damage to the motherboard or other peripheral devices and also to yourself. Now that you have removed all peripheral devices try powering on your computer, don’t forget to reconnect the power cord to your power supply. Is your computer working now

    If YES that’s great, one of the add-ons or peripheral devices are causing the problem try inserting the peripheral one by one so you can see which add-on device is causing the problem, don’t forget to unplug the power cord when inserting any add-on card to the motherboard. Remove permanently or replace the defective add-on card. Congratulation you have fixed your computer.

    If NO, then we have to check the power supply it might be defective, check computer power supply for more info. Remove all power connector from disk drive, floppy, optical drive, atx+12 volt power connector and the 24-pin atx power connector. To test the power supply using a paper clip hold the 24-pin atx power connector and locate the green wire and a black wire, the green wire is usually located at pin 16 and the only green wire on the connector, check out 24-pin atx power connector for more info on pin configuration. See the illustration below on how to short the two pins.

    power_supply_test_loShort circuit Pin 16 and ground using a paper clip or any stranded wire as shown, the power supply fan should spin normally. If the fan didn’t spin you can say right away that the power supply is at fault and must be replaced with a good power supply, you can also connect one molex connector to the optical drive or hard disk drive to see if it power up. If the fan or the drive you connected powered up then the power supply could be good, you can also check the voltage output using voltmeter. If the power supply is in good working condition you can now return all the connector to its respective point in the motherboard where it was previously connected.

     The next step would be to look for the front panel connector a 20 pin panel connector on your motherboard as show below, with all the power connector connected to your motherboard plugin the power cable on your power supply and momentarily short circuit the two pin labeled PWR and ground as shown in the image, short circuit should not be longer than 2 seconds. By doing the short circuit technique will bypass the “power switch on” button on your computer front panel because this pin is where your front panel power on button is connected. Check your motherboard user manual to find out the location and diagram of your motherboard front panel. When you have short circuit it, the system should power up when this happen then the culprit is the power on button on your front panel. You can also do this technique before you remove any add-on card or peripheral devices as stated in the previous step, if you would like to check the power button switch first.


    Now that you have found out the cause of your computer problem all you have to do now is to replace those defective parts with a known good part.


Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques For Your PC Problems

This article is based on my years of experience as a Computer Technician. Listed below are some tips and techniques for trouble-shooting your personal computer. In these guide I assumed that you have some knowledge identifying computer component if not try browsing PC component for more information on identifying system components of your Personal Computer.

Troubleshooting tips for your pc problems

  1. Always take notes: Before trying to troubleshoot your pc, it is a good idea to take notes of all the problems you encountered such as blank screen, error beeps, or if you are in Windows try to take note off the error message displayed on the screen and what you have done to solve them. You can use this later in your troubleshooting or if you know someone that knows how to troubleshoot PC’s you may refer the error to him/her he/she might give you a good idea where to start your troubleshooting steps.
  2. Check Visual Inspection of your PC: Before beginning your troubleshooting procedures take a look at your pc, inspect what’s inside your computer. There are only 5V, 12V, and 3.3V DC voltage supplied to the components from the power supply but of course you have to unplug the power before you begin opening the computer case. Don’t be afraid to touch your pc, familiarize yourself of what’s inside your computer but before touching any component be sure to discharge your body of electrostatic discharge (ESD) by touching a metal plate on the casing of your computer. Most component inside the computer are sensitive to static discharge and can be partially damage by just touching them, but don’t worry proper handling of the component can prevent catastrophic electrostatic discharge by learning how to handle component properly. You can avoid ESD by handling circuit board such as motherboard and other add-on cards by their edges and avoiding touching IC chips and other electronic component such as transistor and resistor connecting pins the good news is most computer component today integrates electrostatic protection to protect the component from sudden Electro Static Discharge.
  3. Check for cables: Most often cables are the cause of computer problems such as loose connections. For example your computer have no power, you begin checking all of the components and found out later that an old power cable is causing the problem, for not power related problem such as your hard drive can’t be detected by the system you might have an IDE or SATA cable problem. Always start from the basic, sometimes the one you think not causing the problem is actually the culprit. Check all the cable inside your computer from IDE, SATA, floppy cable, power supply cables, usb cable connector from your motherboard depending on the problem you encounter.
  4. Try different component: When your trouble-shooting your computer all you wanted to do is to isolate the problem, you can do this by trial and error procedure for example your computer screen is blank or has no display then it may came to your mind that the video card is the defective component the best way to test this is to swap the video card with a known working video card and check if it work, if not try swapping other component such as the memory, blank screen cannot always be blamed to a video card other component such as memory, microprocessors, power supply or the cable from video card to the monitor can also be blamed. If you have other computer machine you can always try the suspected component to see if it work or not, this way you’ll know if the component is defective or not. Always change component one at a time to isolate the problem.
  5. Don’t be frustrated: If you can’t solve the problem don’t get frustrated, repairing and troubleshooting computer is fun as long as you don’t get easily frustrated and willing to learn, imagine the satisfaction and joy if you successfully solve your computer problem yourself. If you have spent too much time repairing one problem then it might be a good idea to relax, call someone who can help you, or bring it to your local computer repair shop.

Why is my Computer Beeping?

Whenever you power on your computer, the system will first look for the Basic Input Output System – Read Only Memory (BIOS-ROM) chip on your motherboard. Inside this BIOS Chip is a small program of instruction telling the computer where and how to access the different slots, ports, drives attached to your motherboard. The programming code and instructions on the BIOS will be loaded in to memory and carries out the instruction in order. The computer then takes internal and external inventory of all equipment attached to the computer and performs several self-test or Power on Self-Test (POST). During the POST process if ever an error is detected the error may be delivered through visual that is shown on your Monitor and or audible known as beep codes through the motherboard speaker.

The pattern and number of beep codes has differing meaning telling you what is wrong on your computer hardware, error codes may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer so consult your motherboard manufacturer manual for more detail.


Error Beep Description Solution
One short Beep Memory refresh timer error Reseat the memory, or replace the defective memory module with known good modules will resolve this error
Three Short beeps Base memory read/write test error Reseat the memory, or replace the defective memory module with known good modules will resolve this error
Six Short beeps Keyboard controller BAT command failed Fatal error indicating a serious problem with the system. Before declaring the motherboard is at fault try eliminating the posibility of add-in cards. Remove all expansion cards except the video card.
Seven Short beeps General exception error (processor exception interrupt error) Fatal error indicating a serious problem with the system. Before declaring the motherboard is at fault try eliminating the posibility of add-in cards. Remove all expansion cards except the video card.
Eight Short beeps Display memory error (system video adapter) If the system video adapter is an add-in card, reseat or replace the video adapter with a known good video card. If the video adapter is an integrated part of the system board, the board may be faulty.
One long and three short beep Display memory error (system video adapter) Reseat the memory, or replace the defective memory module with known good modules will resolve this error
One Long and Eight Short beep Display/Retrace Test Failure If the system video adapter is an add-in card, reseat or replace the video adapter with a known good video card. If the video adapter is an integrated part of the system board, the board may be faulty.


One Short beep No error found during POST No faulty component found
One long and two short beep Video Adapter error If the system video adapter is an add-in card, reseat or replace the video adapter with a known good video card. If the video adapter is an integrated part of the system board, the board may be faulty.
Repeating short beep Memory error Reseat the memory, or replace the defective memory module with known good modules will resolve this error.
One long 3 short No video card or bad video memory If the system video adapter is an add-in card, reseat or replace the video adapter with a known good video card. If the video adapter is an integrated part of the system board, the board may be faulty.