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Windows Mixed Reality: Windows 10 Is Now Every Gamer’s Paradise

If you are a Gamer, Windows 10 is undoubtedly your favourite Operating System. Indeed, the Gaming Scene is a robust and ever-growing field. Speaking of which, Virtual Reality is gradually winning over several gamers around the globe. Although it’s relatively new, it is slowly gaining prominence.

A survey run by Steam indicated that Windows 10 is the most popular choice for Virtual Reality. As a matter of fact, it’s on route to reach over 60% market share. That’s truly astonishing.

Soon enough, Windows 10 will have twice as much share as Windows 7. This implies that Windows 10 is the future.

So, What Exactly Is Windows Mixed Reality?

You experience the thrill of Windows Mixed Reality by using the popular Steam VR.

Steam VR is a virtual reality system. Also, it contains a built-in headset to give you a better experience. This is a beautiful product of a partnership between Valve and HTC.

You get a sense of 3-D virtual reality through its high-resolution screens. Also, your streaming data refreshes at an incredibly high speed.

Microsoft believes that Windows Mixed Reality will blend virtual reality and reinforced reality. Also, you can expect headsets in the future that will provide augmented reality experiences.

Steam VR

Steam VR is a fascinating Tracking System. It allows you to track your GPS anywhere you want. For example, you get to go camping in the Himalayas even when you are in your living room! That’s the power of virtual reality.

It has incredible accuracy as well. Moreover, the developers kept your safety in mind. In case you get too close to the real world while playing, you get a quick yet subtle reminder.

Any Downside?

It is an exciting facility that makes you fall in love with gaming all over again. Yet, there are some trivial concerns. If you are playing a game where you need to keep your hands behind your back, it won’t work satisfactorily. Admittedly, the external sensors have room for improvement.

Rest assured, these improvements are not far away. You are looking at a future where motion sensors and cameras will be the basics. The headsets will be refined to give a greater sense of reality. Indeed, all your gaming fantasies will take shape.

Windows 10 – Why is it the best choice for Windows Mixed Reality?

  • With Windows 10, you get an excellent ambience of virtual reality.
  • Also, there are cameras an motion sensors in the headset. Windows 10 accentuates the overall experience.

Indeed, Windows 7 is expected to drop down to 30% shares. Admittedly, it’s tough competing Windows 10.

Is Windows 10 The Gamers Favourite Operating System? Here’s your Statistics.

According to Valve’s latest reports, Windows 10 took a massive jump of 1.51% compared to the earlier month. Indeed, it is progressing at a rapid speed.

In contrast, Windows 7 dropped down by 1.26%. This leaves it with a Market Share of 34.31%. Thankfully, Windows XP is approaching its end with a meagre 0.23% share.

Stirring things up with Windows Mixed Reality

Of course, virtual reality is nothing new. What’s surprising is that it is still not that popular among PC Gamers.

Out of the PC gamers that Steam had surveyed, only 0.7% has the VR headset.

According to Steam, Microsoft’s headsets account for around 6.25% of the VR-using populace. Admittedly, this is not an enormous percentage. However, this indicates a massive rise since the beginning of 2018. Astonishingly, there has been a 4.4% so far.

The tending VR headset is the property of Oculus Rift. They account for around 46.26%. On the other hand, HTC Vive has the second largest share with 44.56%.

Expect Windows Mixed Reality To Gear Up!

The gaming scene is a niche. Therefore, it will take some time for virtual reality to make its prominence in such a small place. Still, you already find several VR addicts making complete use of Steam VR Headsets.

Exciting offers will soon come upon the Windows Mixed Reality hardware. Afterall, other competitors are also showing up in this regard. Hence, Windows need to keep coming up with more attractive updates.

International sensation? You need to wait a while for the answer. In the meantime, why don’t you try this out yourself? If you are a Windows 10 user, then virtual reality is possibly your favorite new thing.

Technological advancement takes care of all you need. Why should a gamer’s privileges be overlooked? Therefore, enjoy what virtual reality has to offer.

Windows 10 Latest Update: Now Ready For All Alienware PC’s

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows Operating System. It gave the most incredible features, which made it more demanding between the users. It has become the most demanding operating system for every laptop, personal computers, etc.

Moreover, having the most demanding features, it has not stopped making it more and more. Microsoft was not willing to give the  Windows 10 April 2018 update installation on some of the Alienware Computers. Since it was not compatible with some of the Alienware Computers, Microsoft was about to take this step. Some of the Alienware Computer Models are the Alienware 13 R3,  15 R3, 15 R4, 17 R4, and Alienware 17 R5.

Good news for Windows 10 Users


Here is good news for the Windows 10 Users. The Windows 10, April 2018 update is now accessible to all the Alienware Computers. The Alienware is the additional computer hardware of Dell. It is mainly constructed for gaming. Its alien-themed designs can analyze it.

The Alienware Computers are the demanding laptops for the Gaming purpose. But, it will be wastage of money when you are not taking this preferably for the game.

So, it is sure that the combination of windows 10 April 2018 update and the features of Alienware computer is going to become the best combination. It is going to be the most demanded combo in the field of gaming.

What would happen if the old version of Windows 10 April 2018 update goes with Alienware pcs’?

Here the big question arises that why did the Microsoft decide not to give the Windows 10 April 2018 update for Windows 10 Alienware PC? What would happen if the Windows 10 April 2018 update goes with Windows 10 Alienware PC? Yes, the question is obvious. As it was the most awaited update and the Microsoft decided to ban it.

Well, there is a valid reason behind it. If the update would have done with the Alienware computers then, there was a chance of getting the screen black. Yes, the screen of your system can go black and later be continuing it from the battery saver mode.

However, the Microsoft unit has overcome this problem. They have brought the all-new Windows 10 April 2018 update. It is entirely compatible with the Alienware Computers.

Get updated with Windows 10 Alienware PC?

The latest update of Windows 10 is released now. Not only this, but it is also tested among the users. The results for the most recent update scored an excellent remark between the users.

If one not feel free to run it, it can run itself. The Microsoft Company has granted that it is working now. It is the most popular update for every Alienware computer users. Just because it is making the Alienware computer more user-friendly.

The latest update has all new exciting features which will make the Dell’s Alienware computer more demanding. The best quality in Windows 10 is it’s Security and Safety. The Windows 10 have both the merit in it. Because of the security and safety feature, it is not easy for every ordinary user to use Windows 10.

How to do Windows 10 update in your Dell’s Alienware Computer?

Every Alienware user opted for the upgrade. So what are you waiting for? Do you want to do the Windows 10 update too? Are you confused about how to do the Windows 10 update Windows 10 in your Dell’s Alienware compose steps

  • Go to the settings first.
  • Choose the update and security option.
  • Then opt for the Windows update option.

Follow the update instructions and update your system. Are you facing any other issue? You can also try update by performing this.

  • Download the update file for the system, first.
  • Now put the system offline.
  • Then install the update in your system.
  • Wait until your system gives any response.

Hope your system is updated now with all-new Windows 10 1803 update. You can contact us for further details.

Windows 10 Adds Apple’s Quick Look Feature

Christmas seems to have arrived early for the Windows 10 users as the Quick Look feature is now available on the Microsoft Store. We have all witnessed the tug of war between the Windows and Mac for years. Despite the fact that they both do not get along well with each other, it does not stop the users from using the brand they find more suitable for them.

Although Macs are less in number in the market compared to Windows PC, there are some features in the Mac OS which people want in Windows. One such characteristic that the Windows users have been dreaming of is the ‘Quick Look’ Feature.

Know more about Apple’s Quick Look Feature

If you have used a Mac device, you will know what the Quick Look Feature does. In case you have not used a Mac, you are unlikely to know a lot about this feature. So here is a brief description of what the Quick Look Feature does.

Mac’s Quick Look, as the name suggests, is a smart way of looking at the contents of the file on the system without the need for launching the application. First of all, click on the file. Now hit on the spacebar key. After this, the preview of that item shows up. It’s that simple to use. Apple Quick Look helps to view the images, files and folders, and documents without even opening them. The contents of the files are displayed in a decent thumbnail size.

Mac’s Quick  Look is a really nice time-saving feature. This previews the images and documents in a convenient manner. The Quick Look Feature of Mac works for many other files as well. You can listen to music, watch videos, or read documents while doing some other work in the system. Quick Look makes our work even more effective by providing this features.

Apple Quick Look

What does Apple Quick Look bring to Windows 10?

In Windows 10, the Quick Look App is available in the Microsoft Play Store with a title “QuickLook”. This app is completely free to download. In Windows 10, it works just like in the Mac OS Quick Look feature.

Although unlike Mac OS, you will only be able to preview certain files and not all of them just yet. The functions are somewhat similar to the Mac OS. In Windows, you will be able to preview the files in the Files Explorer and hit on the spacebar once to show the preview. Press on spacebar once to close it. It is a simple process.

As of now, there are not many options available to customize the app. However, the Windows 10 Quick Look App does provide the zoom in and zoom out feature while reading the documents and PDF. You can press CTRL and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the documents. This app works well to preview most files, but the GIF preview might take a bit longer to load.

Performance of the Quick Look App in Windows 10

The working of the Quick Look app in Windows 10 operating system is very simple. Its performance is similar to how it works in the Mac OS. Follow the given steps to get a better understanding of, How to use the Quick Look Feature.

  1. Head over to the Microsoft Store and search for the Apple Quick Look App then download it.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, go to your File Explorer to see if the new app is working or not.
  3. Open your image folder and navigate through the images. Now select any image and press the spacebar to activate the Quick Look feature. Once you are done seeing the feature, hit the Spacebar again to close the preview.

Windows 10 Quick Look App is good but there is room for Improvement

This new Quick Look app imparts an interesting feature to Windows 10. However, since it is a free app it does not offer all the features that the Mac OS Quick Look does. At times, the handling of big pages may seem a bit difficult but only on a few occasions.

Apple Quick Look in Windows 10 supports all the file possible file formats like it does in Mac. It also gives HiDPI Support. This is a very useful addition to Windows 10. Although there is plenty of pros with this app, we certainly hope Windows will add more features in the future to help Windows 10 users make the most of this App.

Why Is Your Computer Not Sleeping And What To Do About It?

Windows 10 Operating System isn’t just one single thing. In fact, it is a patchwork of a thousand other things. It consists of nuanced and complex software that you can tweak and customize as per your convenience. Instead of Windows bossing you around, why don’t you become the master of it? Most of the Windows 10 users struggle with the sleep mode. So how about changing the sleep mode settings according to your requirement?

The sleep mode can behave rather weirdly at times. Every time you put your PC in sleeping mode, it suffers from insomnia and disobeys you. The thing is that sleep mode conserves battery usage and extends the battery life of your system. So a Windows 10 without an obedient sleeping mode can drain your PC battery to a considerable extent.

It’s Time To Help Your Computer Sleep

Sleep mode is essential when you have no time to waste and you need to conserve your battery. It prevents you from closing all the essential tabs when you are not using your system for some time. With the sleep mode, you will not have to boot your system again and again thereby, saving a lot of your time.

See if you are putting your computer in sleep mode in a proper way:

  • Go to the start menu and opt for the power button.
  • Choose the sleep option from the menu.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut.

The shortcut keys for the sleep mode is Windows + X, Windows + U, Windows + S. the trouble starts when your PC doesn’t obey you and wake up automatically. Then the possible reason for this would be a driver or any program which is overriding your sleep setting mode.

Computer Not Sleeping

Why Is Your Computer Not Sleeping?

Yes, the possible reason behind the failure of sleep setting mode could be an outdated or corrupted driver. Well, we will help you by identifying the error. You can do it by generating the energy report of your personal computer. The energy report will give all the details of the system error.

Well, the issue of the unexpected waking up of the system even after keeping it in sleep mode is not a big deal. You can quickly detect the error and resolve it. The steps mentioned here are interdependent. So just make sure that every step should be performed with care and attention.

Try these simple steps to generate the energy report

  • Open the command prompt of your system. (Make sure that while generating the report you must maintain the user as an administrator.)
  • Unable to access the administrator user? Log out from the user profile which you are using.
  • Opt for the Administrator Part.
  • You can also use the shortcut essential Control + Shift + Enter. This will make the system forced to run as an administrator.
  • Type the command/energy in the command prompt. It will take about a minute of time to generate the report. ( Please do not attempt any other task in the Windows 10 while the report generates. This may stop generating the report or can give the incorrect report about it.)
  • You will get a message about the Report Generation.
  • You can see your Energy Report by typing energy report.html in the command prompt.

The report may consist of various damages. One of the most common injuries which Windows 10 users face is IRMT Service. The INTEL READY MODE TECHNOLOGY Service. Well, you can also get rid of it quickly. You can uninstall the program to resolve the matter right away.

Precautions To Be Taken

It is easy to uninstall any program to run the other program in the system. But, you should be very thoughtful about it. You must double check before performing any task. Even if one step goes wrong, you may need to redo the entire procedure. So, it is advisable to resolve your problems under the expert guidance.

Top 5 Windows Mixed Reality Headsets in 2018

The first bunch of Windows Mixed Reality headsets is finally available in the market. The WMR headsets are exclusively manufactured by Microsoft’s computer creators. As the name suggests, WMR is compatible with the Windows 10 Operating System. They do not need a powerful PC setup for a dazzling gaming and entertainment purpose.

The Windows Mixed Reality headsets are introduced to the Windows 10 Operating System. It provides mixed reality experiences with fitting head-mounted displays.

There are many WMR headsets that have been launched recently. However, only a few are really worth going for. Here is a list of top 5 trending headsets for Windows Mixed Reality in 2018.

1. Samsung Odyssey

 microsoft mixed reality headset

Samsung Odyssey is the best of the lot in this list of WMR headsets. It offers more features than the other WMR headsets. Samsung Odyssey has the best looks of all the headsets in its field as it comes with an attractive visual design.

The headset provides a 110-degree field of view (FOV) and has the highest resolution of 1440 x 1600. Another key feature of this headset is that it has a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. Adding more to it, this headset has an AMOLED display which takes the gaming and entertainment experiences to a whole new level.

Samsung Odyssey gets the edge over its competitors with features like built-in AKG headphones in the headsets. There are two standard WMR motions controllers included in the headset too.

Verdict:  All of these wonderful features come at a price of about $400. It makes this headset the best of all as it simply offers the best Windows Mixed Reality experience.

2. Lenovo Explorer

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

If you are looking for a quality Windows Mixed Reality headset at an affordable price, then Lenovo Explorer is the one for you. For a price tag of about $200, this headset provides the features that are usually found in high-end WMR headsets.

Lenovo Explorer has its resolution set at 1440  x 1440 with a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. The LCD display in this headset has a field of view (FOV) of about 105-degrees.

This headset features a standard WMR motion controller. It also has a 3.5mm jack plugin in the headphones. Furthermore, coming to the build quality of the headset, it has a plastic body material with a black color finish to it.

Verdict: For the price range of $200, Lenovo Explorer WMR headset offers an awful lot of features which makes the Mixed Reality experience a whole lot better. For budget-friendly users, this headset is a good choice.

3. Acer Windows Mixer Reality Headset

 microsoft mixed reality headset

The next WMR headset in this segment is the newly launched Acer Windows Mixer Reality. This headset comes with two high-resolution liquid crystal displays of 1440 x 1440. Acer WMR headset has a front hinged display with a 95-degree horizontal FOV. The display refresh rates go up to 90 Hz.

Most noteworthy feature in the Acer WMR headset as it provides USB 3.0 for data and a single cable with HDMI 2.0 for display. There is also a 4.00-meter cable provided with the package.

Lenovo Explorer has a Built-in audio and microphone support through the 3.5mm jack. Such features make the mixed reality experience even better. The headset fits in comfortably and ensures smooth MR experience.

Verdict: For a price tag of $400, this headset comes with a bundle of features which guarantees quality Mixed Reality experience.

4. Dell Viser WMR Headset

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Most of the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets are available only in black colors, but not the Dell Viser WMR Headsets. This headset is available in White color. Although this may not seem that important but color of the headset matters if you are looking to match it up with your PC.

Dell Viser offers a stunning 110-degree FOV, which is the best in its segment. It has a 90 Hz refresh rate from its LCD display. The resolution of this headset is set at 1400 x 1400. Furthermore, the package contains the WMR motion controllers.

Verdict: The Dell Viser WMR headset has a unique shape which gives it a unique look. Although like other WMR headsets, there are no issues with adjusting the headset. The white color option along with all the features for a price of around $300 adds an X-Factor to this headset.

5. HP Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Best Windows Mixed Reality Headset

If you have a high-end budget and are looking for a top quality headset which comes with bundles of features, HP WMR might be worth looking at. It has an easy setup process as well as it is an incredibly comfortable headset.

HP WMR headset features 2 in 1 cable that connects the USB and the HDMI. It is well suited to the Windows Mixed Reality and the Ultra PCs. This lets you enjoy a dazzling experience without the tension of making several setting changes.

There is a 1440 x 1440 resolution in the HP WMR with a 90 Hz refresh rate. It has a feature of a wireless motion controller.

Verdict: If you are looking for a premium feel in your Windows Mixed Reality headset, HP WMR is a good choice. It comes with a host of features that provides a truly magical immersive experience.

Windows Mixed Reality – A New Beginning

The thrill of the Windows Mixed Reality has just begun. The craze for Mixed Reality will soon take over the market. There are a variety of top quality WMR headsets to choose from.  The features provided in the Windows Mixed Reality headsets for the mentioned price makes the products value for money and definitely worth trying out.