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How To Create An ISO Image File From A CD, DVD or BD Disc

Creating an ISO image file is an effective way to back up your optical disc such as media disc or data disc. You can then burn this iso disc as a disc backup or with the use of CD/DVD tools you can mount the iso image as if it is a real disc. If you have an optical disc that often need to be inserted on CD/DVD drive in order for a program to work such as computer games or don’t want your disc to be scratched or damage due to mishandling, then creating an iso image file is the way to go.

To Create An Image Disc

Since Windows doesn’t have a built-in application for creating a disc image will be using third party software to do it for you. First download ImgBurn at ImgBurn Website. ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application and the best of all it’s 100% free.

After downloading ImgBurn, install the program. Just follow on through the setup process. During the installation process a Sponsored Offer window may appear with Recommended by ImgBurn, fell free to select or deselect these programs. If you are not interested with these programs just click the checkbox to deselect, by unchecking the checkbox the program will not be installed on your computer.

After installation, click the ImgBurn icon on your desktop or at the Start menu. On the ImgBurn main window click on Create image file from disc.

Creating ISO with imgburn step 1

First select the source drive this is the optical drive where the disc you want to create an iso image is inserted. If you have more than one optical drive on your computer you’ll see them all here, so be sure to select the correct optical drive you want to use to create an iso image.
Creating ISO with imgburn step 2

Click on the folder icon to change where you want to save your iso image, by default all iso image files you created are saved at My Documents folder. If you don’t want to change the default location leave the default location as is.

Select your optical disc speed, if you know your optical drive read speed then it is better to set it at the exact speed of your optical disc for better disc reading. If you don’t know the speed of your optical drive then just leave the default value as is.

Creating ISO with imgburn step 3

After clicking the Read icon button, the image will be created and you’ll see a progress bar.The time to wait for the image creation process to complete will depend on the disc size so do something else while waiting or watch the progress bar till the process is complete.

Creating ISO with imgburn step 4

You’ll see “Operation Successfully Completed” message if the image creation is completed successfully, if not ImgBurn had encountered a disc error while trying to read the disc, also note that if you have CD drive you can’t create an iso image with DVD disc or Blu-ray disc.

Click on the OK button to close ImgBurn message box, you can now remove your disc on the optical drive.

Creating ISO with imgburn step 5

ImgBurn is a free tool but you can also use other Tools such as BurnAware, ISODisk, ISO Recorder and many other DVD tools out there.


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