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How to know if your running 32 or 64 bit windows operating system

When Windows is installed on your computer you might not be aware of the version of windows installed, it could be a 32bit or a 64bit Operating. But what if you need to install drivers for your motherboard, soundcard, or any other device attached to your system if that is the case then you need to know the version of windows you are currently running so that the driver you download will be compatible with your operating system. Furthermore when you install software you need to make sure that they are compatible with your current operating system. Attempting to install 64 bit software on a 32 bit operating system cannot be done because they have incompatibility issues but installing a 32bit software on a 64bit operating system is permitted.

To see what version of windows you are currently using, in Windows Vista and Windows 7 all you have to do is click on Start button and right clicking on “Computer” then select “Properties” or if you don’t see “Computer” on your start menu you can click Control Panel >> select “Small Icon” in the View by: selection option and look for “System” in the Control Panel.

In Windows 8 point your mouse on the extreme lower right portion of the desktop screen and wait for the options to pop-up then select “Setting” and click on “PC Info”.

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