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How to Monitor Your PC System Temperature

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) or the Processor is the most essential part of your Computer and produces heat when your computer is powered up. The heat generates by the CPU should be dissipated through a heat sink along with the CPU fan. Having too much heat on the device itself will make its internal circuits damaged or burned and you may need to replace your CPU.

The common symptoms of CPU unusual high temperature are system hang or the well-known blue screen in Windows operating system, your computer works perfectly then sudden restart or even it turns off your computer this is the case when your BIOS has a monitoring system and you have set its maximum temperature limit.

CPU’s have a maximum temperature limit that it can handle which is set by the manufacturer. When the cpu is constantly in temperature high above the maximum temperature it can handle the CPU life-span will be decreased and in no time your cpu will burn-out.

Since CPU is one of the most expensive components of your computer we need to take good care of it to avoid damage. To avoid excessive heat to the CPU and damage it, we have to check that

1. Your CPU and Heatsink have sufficient thermal paste and the CPU Heatsink is seated firmly,
2. Make sure that the CPU Fan is connected to power source on your motherboard and it is working,
3. Have additional fan attached to your casing for better internal air flow,
4. Have a temperature monitoring software installed.

There are lots of temperature monitoring software you can find on the net and also when you buy your computer or motherboard it usually comes with cd containing the drivers and other software related to your motherboard. Many motherboard today includes monitoring software for their motherboard but this only work on their motherboard and doesn’t work on other motherboard or brand name. If your motherboard have a temperature monitoring software then you can use it, this software that shipped with your board has usually more features than other free monitoring tools.

SpeedFan is a Freeware temperature monitoring software that monitor voltages, fan speeds and temperatures in computers with hardware monitor chips, SpeedFan can also show and monitor your hard disk information and temperature.

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