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How to Set Windows Media Player the Default Media Player in Windows 8

In Windows 8 the default media player is no longer Windows Media player instead it lunches the Music app when you interact with media files.  If you love Windows Media Player and want to bring back WMP as your default media player then follow these simple steps to set your default media player.

To make Windows Media Player the default player

If you’re on desktop mode, right click Start and select search as show on the left image below or you can point your mouse curser at the extreme lower right of the desktop until a menu shows up, as shown on the right image below and click on search. If you’re on the Start Screen, type in default to invoke the search screen.

Windows 8 search screen

When you click on the Search option type in default and click on the Default Programs on the left pane.

Windows 8 search screen default

When you click on the Default Programs you will be brought to the Default Program Control Panel. In here you can specify or select what program to load when you interact with a certain file type on your computer. Click on the Set your default program option.

Windows 8  default program

In the Set Default Programs Panel, scroll down from the list of programs using the scroll bar until you see the Windows Media Player then click on it. If you want to select a particular media file such as mp3, mpg etc. to play in Windows Media player only then select the Choose defaults for this program option on the right pane, you will then have to choose which media file extension should be the default for this player. If you want Media Player as the default for all media files then select Set this program as default option and click on OK.

Set windows media player default program

Now whenever you open an audio or video media file WMP will always run instead of the Music App. If you want to bring back the default player for media in Windows 8 click on Music on the left pane instead of Windows Media Player and set this program as default.


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