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How to Use Windows Xp System Restore


The use of system restore is to restore your computer system files in its earlier state or to the state when your computer works perfectly. There are times when you install software or driver to your system then suddenly your computer behave erratically. Maybe your first step in solving this problem is to rollback the driver you have just installed and uninstall the software that you think that might cause the problem, but what if this does not solve the problem. Your next step could be to use the system restore by windows and restore your computer to its earlier state. System restore does not affect your personal files such as your email, document or photos.

Using system restore requires that you logged in as an administrator otherwise your not able to do system restore on your system. To quickly check if your logged in with an administrator privilege double click the date and time located at the lower right of your windows xp desktop or you can click Start >> Run and type “timedate.cpl” and click on the ok button.

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