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Electronic Component Identification and Abbreviation


Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description
AE aerial L inductor
B battery LK link
BB busbar LP lamp
C capacitor LS loudspeaker
CB circuit breaker M motor
CK clock ME meter
CON contactor MG motor generator
CSR controlled semicondustor rectifier MIC microphone
D diode MK morse key
EQ equaliser ML module
F fan MT telephone handset
FB ferrite disc or bead MX matrix
FC ferrite core PCC photoconductive cell
FL filter PEC photoelectric cell
FS fuse PL plug
FW field winding RE recording instrument or meter
G generator SD surge diverter of any type
H heater SE sealing end
HC heat coil SEM semaphore indicator
HD hydrophone SHW shunt winding
IC integrated circuit SRAM static random access memory
IREG induction regulator SW seires winding
ISL isolator TD transductor
K key TL telephone receiver
U unit
VB vibrator

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