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Personal Computer Acronyms and Definition

2D Double Density 2DD Double-side Double density
2GL Second Generation Language 2HD Double-side High Density
2S2D Double Side, Double Density 2SHD Double Sided, High Density
3D Three Dimensional 3GL Third Generation Language
3D DDI 3D Device Dependent Interface 4GT 4 GB Ram Tuning
4GL 4th generation language A3D Aureal 3-Dimensional
ABI application binary interface ACE Advanced Computing Environment
ABS Apple Business Systems (Apple) ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACSM Application Control State Machine ADB Apple Desktop Bus
ADO ActiveX Data Objects ADSI Active Directory Service Interfaces
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
ALU Arithmetic Logical Unit AML ACPI Machine Language
AMR Audio/Modem Riser ANSI American National Standards Institute
API application programming interface APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ARP Address Resolution Protocol
APM Advanced Power Management ASF Active Streaming Format
ASP active server page ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment ATAPI AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATM asynchronous transfer mode ATX Advanced Technology eXtended
AUI Attachment Unit Interface AVGA Advanced Video Graphics Array
AVI Audio Video Interleave BASIC Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Cc Carbon Copy (Mail) BCC Blind Carbon Copy (Mail)
BDC Backup Domain Controller BIOS Basic input/output system
BMP Bitmap BOF Beginning Of File
BOOTP Bootstrap Protocol BPB BIOS Parameter Blocks
BPI Bits Per Inch (HDD) CAD Computer Aided Design
CAL Common Application Language CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAM Content Addressable Memory CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering
CAT Continuous Asynchronous Transmission CDE Common Desktop Environment
CD Compact Disc CD-R Compact Disc Recordable
CD-ROM Compact Disc Read-Only Memory CD-RW Compact Disc Re-Writable
CDFS Compact Disc File System CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDF Channel Definition Format CG computer graphics
CGA Color Graphics Adapter CGA Column Grid Array
CGI Computer Graphics Interface CGI Common Gateway Interface
CHRP Common Hardware Reference Platform (AIM) CHS Cylinder Head Sector
CIFS Common Internet File System (TCP/IP) CIM computer integrated manufacturing
CIM Common Information Model CMC Computer Numeric Control
CNR Communications and Network Riser COBOL Common Business-Oriented Language
COM Component Object Model (Programming) COM Commercial (networking)
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture COSE Common Open Software Environment
COSS Common Object Service Specification CPN central processing node
CRC Cyclic redundancy check CRL Certificate Revocation List
CPU Central Processing Unit CSEL Cable SELect (EIDE, HD)
CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSN Card Select Number (PNP) CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CTI Computer Telephony Integration CTS Clear To Send
D/A Digital-to-Analog DAA Digest Access Authentication (HTTP)
DAA Data Access Arrangement DAC DAC – Digital to Analog Converter
DAC Dual Attached Concentrator (FDDI) DAP Directory Access Protocol
DAS Dynamic Allocation Scheme (protocol) DAS Digital Analog Simulator
DASD Direct-Access Storage Device DB Database
DBA DataBase Administrator DBC Device Bay Controller
DBM Dual Bit Map DBM DataBase Manager (DB)
DBMS Database Management System DCD Data Carrier Detect
DCE Data Communication Equipment DCE Distributed Computing Environment
DCI Display Control Interface DCOM Distributed Component Object Model
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange DDF Data Description Field
DDK Device Development / Driver Kit (MS) DDL data definition language
DDM Distributed Data Management DDML Display Driver Management Layer
DDoS Distributed Denial Of Service DEF Design Exchange Format
DES Data Encryption Standard DIM Device Interface Module
DLC Data Link Control DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier
DLL Dynamic Link Library DMI Desktop Management Interface
DML Data Manipulation Language DNS Domain Name System
DOM Document Object Model DOMF Distributed Object Management Facility
DOP Directory Operational Protocol DOS Disk Operating System
DPI Dot per inch DPMI DOS protected mode interface
DPMS Display Power Management Signaling DRC Design Rule Checks (CAD)
DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture DRF Data Recovery Field
DRM Digital Rights Management DS Directory Service
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm DSM Digital Storage Media
DTR Data Terminal Ready DVO Digital Video Output
DXF Drawing Exchange Format EA Extended Attribute (OS/2)
EAB Enterpreise Access Builder (IBM, Java) EASI Enhanced Asynchronous SCSI Interface
EBCDIC xtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code EDA Electronic Design Automation (RL, IC)
EDD Enhanced Disk Drive EDD Enterprise Data Distribution (ENS, Banyan, VINES)
EDI Electronic Data Interchange EDID Extended Display Identification Data (VESA, DDC)
EDIF Electronic Design Interchange Format EDO Extended Data Out (RAM, DRAM, IC)
EDP Electronic Data Processing EGA Extended Color Graphics Array
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter EHCI Enhanced Host Controller Interface
EIDE Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics EIO Extended InputI/Output
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture ELF Executable and Linkable Format (Unix, OS/2)
EMB Extended Memory Block EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMF Extended metafile EOF End Of File
EPP Enhanced Parallel Port ESDI Enhanced Small Disk Interface
ESDI Enhanced Standard Device Interface EUI Extended Unique Identifier
EVC Enhanced Video Connector FAT File Allocation Table
FCB File Control Block FD Floppy Disc
FDC Floppy Disk Drive Controller FDD Floppy Disc Drive
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface FDO Functional Device Object
FoIP FAX over Internet Protocol FPA Floating-Point Accelerator (Hardware)
FPA Function Point Analysis (programming) FPU Floating Point Unit (CPU)
FR Frame Relay FSB Front Side Bus
FSD File System Driver FSRTL File System RunTime Library
FTP File Transfer Protocol FTS Fault Tolerant System
GART Graphic Address Re-mapping Table GDI Graphical Device Interface
GDT Global Descriptor Table GIF Graphics Interchange Format
GKS Graphical Kernel System GNL General Public License
GPIB General-Purpose Interface Bus GPIO General Purpose Input/Output
H/W Hardware HCI Host controller Interface
HDC Hard Disk Controller HDD Hard Disk Drive
HDL Hardware Description Language HDLC High-level Data Link Control (ISO)
HDT Host Digital Terminal HEC Header Error Control
HID Human Interface Device HIPPI High Performance Parallel Interface
HMA High Memory Area HMI Human-Machine Interface
HPFS High Performance File System HRTF Head Related Transfer Function
HSFS High-Sierra File System HSM Hierarchical Storage Management
HSSI High-Speed Serial Interface HSTP High Speed Transport Protocol
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTPC Home Theater Personal Computers
ICC Integrated Communication Controller ICU ISA Configuration Utility
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics (HDD) IE Internet Explorer
Indeo Intel Video Technology IP Internet Protocol
IPI Intelligent Peripheral Interface IrLAP Infrared Link Access Protocol
IrLMP Iinfrared Link Management Protocol IRP I/O Request Packet
IRQ Interrupt Request ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISM Interface Subscriber Module ISO International Standards Organization
ISR Interrupt Service Routine IT Information Technology
JAM Java administration server KDT Keyboard Definition Table
LAN Local Area Network LBA Logical Block Address
LFN Long File Name LP Laser Printer
LP Logical Partition LPT Line PrinTer
LU Logical Unit LUN Logical Unit Number
MAC Media Access Control MADK Microsoft ActiveX Development Kit
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface MAS Multiple-Address Space
MCA Micro Channel Architecture MCGA Multi Color Graphics Array
MCI Media Control Interface MCI Multimedia Control Interface
MDK MODEM Developers Kit MDL Memory Descriptor List
MFP Multi-function Peripheral MFT Master File Table
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIS Management Information System
MMC Microsoft Management Console MMHID MultiMedia Human Interface Device
MMIO Memory Mapped I/O MMU Memory Management Unit
MPIC Multiprocessor Interrupt Controller MPPE Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption
MRCI Microsoft Real-time Compression Interface MSCDEX Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions
MSCS Microsoft Cluster Server MSDL Microsoft Download Library
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network MS-DOS Microsoft disk operating system
MSMQ Microsoft Message Queue Server MTD Memory Technology Driver
MTS Microsoft Transaction Server MTU Maximum Transmission Unit
MTU Maximum Transfer Unit NBNS NetBIOS name server
NC Network Computer NCB Network Control Block (LAN)
NCP Netware Core Protocol NCS Network Computing System
NCU Network Control Unit NDIS Network Device Interface Specification
NDS Netware Directory Service NDS Novell Directory Service
NetBEUI NetBIOS Extended User Interface NETBIOS Network Basic Input/Outputs System
NFS Network File System NGIO Next Generation Input / Output
NIC Network Interface Card NIT Network Information Table
NIU Network Interface Unit NNI Network Node Interface
NOS Network Operating System NPI Network Printer Interface
NT New Technology NTDS Windows NT Directory Service
NTFS New Technology File System NTLM Windows New Technology LAN Manager
NTP Network Time Protocol NTS/E Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition
OCX OLE Control eXtensions (MS) ODAPI Open Database Application Programming Interface
ODB Object-oriented Database ODBC Open Database Connectivity
ODI Open Datalink Interface ODSI Open Directory Services Interface
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer ODA Open Document Architecture
OEX OLE System Control OHCI Open Host Controller Interface
OLE Object Linking & Embedding OMAP Open Multimedia Application Platform
OMT Object Modelling Technique OOA object-oriented analysis
OOAD Object-oriented Analysis And Design OOD Object-oriented Design
OODB Object-oriented Database OOP Object-oriented Programming
OS Operating System OSA Open Scripting Architecture
OSF Open Software Foundation OSI Open System Interface
OSI Open Systems Interconnection PABX Private Automatic Branch eXchange
PAC Privilege Attribute Certificate (DCE) PC Personal Computer
PC-DOS Personal Computer-Disk Operating System PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCI PM PCI Power Management [specification] PCIC PC Card I/O Cards
PCP Printer Control Protocol PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDC primary domain controller PDF Portable Document File
PDK Peripheral Developers Kit (MS) PDL Page Description Language
PDO Physical Device Object PIC Programmable Interrupt Controller
PIC MIcro Peripheral Interface Controller Microcontroller PID Process Identifier
PIF Program Information File PIO Programmed Input/Output
PIT Programmable Interrupt Timer PKT Partition Knowledge Table
PLI Programming Language Interface PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
PPTP Point-to Point Tunneling Protocol PS/2 Personal System/2
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit PVM Parallel Virtual Machine
PVP Packet Video Protocol QRSL Quad Rambus Signal Level
QVGA Quarter Video Graphic Array RAID Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks
RAW Read and Write RDA Remote Database Access
RFID Radio Frequency Identification RIFF Resource Interchange File Format
RIMM Rambus Inline Memory Module RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RPC Remote Procedure Call RSX Realistic Sound eXperience (Intel, audio)
RT Remote Terminal RT Real-Time
RTC Real-Time Clock RTF Rich Text Format
RTOS Real Time Operating System RTS Request To Send
RWS Remote WinSock (Windows, TCP/IP) S/PDIF Sony Philips Digital Interface
S/W Software SA Structured Analysis
SAA Systems Application Architecture SAM SCSI-3 Architecture Model
SAP Service Advertising Protocol (protocol) SAP Service Access Point (networking)
SBP Serial Bus Protocol SCAM SCSI Configured AutoMatically (SCSI)
SCID Service Channel ID SCM Software Configuration Management
SCP System Control Program (OS) SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SD Structured Design SD Shared Disk
SDK Software Developer’s Kit SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
SDP Service Discovery Protocol SDU Service Data Unit
SETP Stream Environment Transport Protocol SIPC Simply Interactive Personal Computer
SIR Serial Infrared SMART Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
SMB System Management Bus SMI System Management Interrupt
SNA Systems Network Architecture SPI Serial Peripheral Interface
SPID Service Profile Identifier SPS Shock Protection System
SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange SQL Structured Query Language
SSA Serial Storage Architecture SSI Small Scale Integration
SSI Server-Side Include SSL Secure Socket Layer
SSP Serial Storage Protocol STD Suspend To Disk (BIOS, ACPI)
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics SVGA Super Video Graphics Array
SVID System Vendor Interface Definition (IDentification) SXGA Super Extended Graphic Array
SXVGA Super Extended Video Graphics Array TD-CDMA Time Division-Code Division Multiple Access
TDI Transport Driver Interface TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TIFF Tagged Image File Format TLD Top Level DOMAIN (Internet, ICANN)
TMDS Transmission Minimized Digital Signal TREC Texture and Rendering Engine Compression
TSR Terminate and Stay Resident TWAIN Technology Without An Important Name
TXD Transmission Data UAS User Account System
UDP User Datagram Protocol (Internet) UFS Unix File System (Unix)
UHCI Universal Host Controller Interface UI User Interface
UIMS User Interface Management System ULP Upper Layer Protocols
UML Unified Modeling Language UNC Universal Naming Convention
UNI User Network Interface UPC Usage Parameter Control
UPS Unix Print Services (Unix) UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
URB USB Request Block (USB) URL Uniform Resource Locator
USB Universal Serial Bus VAFC VESA Advanced Feature Connector
VB Visual Basic VBA Visual BASIC for Applications
VBE Visual BASIC Editor (MS, VB) VBE VESA BIOS Extension
VBX Visual Basic Extension VC Virtual Channel
VCD Video Compact Disk VDD Virtual Device Driver
VDIF Video display Information Format VDM Virtual DOS Machine
VDM Virtual Device Manager VDMA Virtual Direct Memory Access
VDMAD Virtual Direct Memory Access Device VESA Video Electronics Standard Association
VFS Virtual File System VGA Video Graphics Array
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language VIP Video Information Provider
VM Virtual Machine VMS Virtual Memory System
VMTP Versatile Message Transaction Protocol VOD Video On Demand
VPE Video Port Extension VPI Virtual Path Identifier
VpicD Virtual Programmable Interrupt Controller Device (PIC) VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VSAM Virtual Storage Access Method VSD Vendor Specific Driver
VUDA VESA Unified Graphics Architecture VUMA VESA Unified Memory Architecture
VVIDD VESA Video Interface for Digital Display VxD Virtual Device Driver
VXI VMEbus Extension for Instrumentation WAIS Wide Area Information Server
WDL Windows Driver Library WDM Windows / Win32 Driver Model
WDS Wireless Distribution System (Joint Common Database) WDS Windows Deployment Services (Microsoft)
WDMCSA Windows Driver Model Connection and Streaming Architecture WHIIG Windows Hardware Instrumentation Implementation Guideline
WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Laboratory WIA Windows Image Acquisition
WINS Windows Internet Naming Service WinSock Windows Sockets
WLL Wireless Local Loop WMA Windows Media Audio
WMF Windows Meta-File WMI Windows Management Instrumentation / Interface (MS, Windows, WMI, CIM)
WORM Write-Once Read-Many WOSA Windows Open System Architecture (MS)
WPS Windows Printing System WRAM Windows Random Access Memory
WS Workstation WSH Windows Scripting Host
WSP WinSock Proxy WSS Windows Sound System
XCOFF eXtended Common Object File Format (Unix) XGA eXtended Graphics Array
XHTML eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language XMS eXtended Multiprocessor operating System (OS)
XMS Extended Memory Specification ZAK Zero Administration Kit (Microsoft)
ZAW Zero Administration for Windows ZTAT Zero Turnaround Time (Hitachi)

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