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Commonly used abbreviations in microprocessor circuits

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Commonly used abbreviations in optical, logic and microprocessor circuits


Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description
ACC accept INH inhibit
ACK acknowledge INT interrupt
ADR address I/O input / output
ALU arthmetic logic unit LD load
BCD binary code decimel LOG 1 logical one
BCTR bit counter LOG Z logical zero
BIN binary LSB least-significant bit
BPS bits per second MAR memory address register
BUF buffer MM main memory
BUS bus MPX multiplex
B byte MR memory register
CAR carry MSB most significant bit
CC condition code MUX multiplexor
CE chip enabled μP microprocessor
CLK clock N negation
CLR clear OCT octal
COMP compare OP operation
CP clock pulse PAR parity
CR clock register PC program counter
CT count PE parity error
CTR counter PU pull up
CY cycle RAM random access memory
D data REG register
DEC decimal RES reset
DEL delay RO read out
DIN data in ROM read only memory
DOUT data out RUN run
DR data register SET set
DRAM dynamic random access memory SH shift
EN enable SRAM static random access memory
END end START start
EPROM electronic programmable read only memory STOP stop
ERASE erase STR storage
ERR error SYNC synchronisation
EXOR exclusive or TERM terminate
F function TO to (transfer)
FF flip-flop TP time pulse
FIFO first in – first out TRIG trigger
G gate WI write in
GEN generate WR write
GND ground
HEX hexidecimal