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Restore all your lost data with smart data recovery solutions: Reach us for affordable services

Lost all your saved data? Data loss is a common crisis which everyone suffers from due to various reasons. You secure your data with dedication and then one fine day everything that you have stored gets deleted. We empathize with your loss. But hold on! If you have enough faith in the popular belief that once you lose your data, it cannot be restored, it’s time for you to debunk your belief in this notion. One must have technical knowledge to get back the data because the recovery process is very complicated and involves a lot of technicalities. You can recover your data by using simple data recovery solutions.


Whoops! Data loss- Have a look at the causes

Our experts have received specialized training in recovering lost data, so it’s time for you to leave all your worries with us. We have given a lot of effort to decipher the reasons behind data loss. We are enlisting the factors below so that you can take measures to avoid data loss. For those who still couldn’t find a reason for their loss of data, know the top five reasons stated below:

data recovery

  1. Hardware or system malfunctioning

According to a survey, more than two-fifth of users have lost their data due to hardware or system failure. Electrical failure, head crash, controller failure makes the hardware defective which results in data loss.


  1. Human errors

 Users unintentionally hit the delete button or they drop the storage device by accident and as a result files gets deleted automatically. We understand that the loss is critical but trust us, we can are here to normalize your situation and restore all your data with easy steps.


  1. Software Corruption

Have you come across the unexpected shutdown of your software while you are making an important document? Such scenarios are called software corruption which are caused when any diagnostic tool occupies a lot of memory. If you are not accessing diagnostic utilities with caution, chances are high that your software is getting corrupted and all your stored data can get deleted at any point of time.


  1. Virus and malware attacks

You store your files with so much effort, but all your effort goes in vain due to malware interference. How fair is that? Computer viruses slow down your computer and they steal your credit card information followed by misuse of your data. Viruses spread like wildfire; they cause partial or complete damage to all your files. Antivirus software looks like a reliable option, but with continuous usage these software loses charm. It’s recommended that you always create a backup file to avoid data loss.


  1. Natural disasters

Who are we to control nature? But we can definitely control the amount of data loss that happens due to natural disasters. According to a popular survey, three percent of users have lost data due to natural disasters.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, unauthorized guests in your network can cause permanent damage to your saved files. They can damage the network process if they get the access to your computer. Spilling any kind of fluid on your system can cause short circuit resulting in severe data loss. If you have lost your data due to any of the factors mentioned above, our experts at UAE Technician will help you with computer data recovery.


Need laptop data recovery solutions? Let our experts unveil the amazing solutions

All is not lost yet! Our experts at UAE Technician will recover your data instantly without wasting much of your time. Let us know how we can help you in recovering your data. If you are encountering network congestion while calling, avail our live chat facility for hard drive data recovery. Your views regarding the efficiency of our work will be awaited. Give a buzz! Hurry!


Easy hacks to recover your lost data: Get an idea about Disaster Recovery Plan and Solution

A disaster recovery plan, commonly abbreviated as DRP, is a documented and structured list of instructions for responding to odd and arbitrary incidents. This plan consists of the detailed precautionary measures  to minimize the effect of disaster. It is important for every company to operate swiftly to earn maximum profit. So, every company must be ready with a plan-B which must be operative at the time of emergency. Disaster recovery plan and solution includes an analysis of business processes and needs. Before generating an elaborate plan, every organization performs a business impact analysis, abbreviated as BIA and risk analysis.

Significance of Recovery Point Objective:

With the help of recovery point objective, the maximum targeted period in which data might be lost can be recognized. This helps the system designers to limit the work. If the RPO is restricted to few hours then off site snapshots must be frequently maintained because off site backup will not be sufficient. RPO helps you to keep a balance between the plan you want to run and implement the plan you want in place.

Make your plan-B today and prevent critical loss:

Who likes to tackle unexpected disruptions? But fate spares none. Unexpected situations can strike you anytime. Knowing you have a full proof plan to execute offers you peace of mind. Disaster Recovery Plan can save your organization from upcoming challenges. It saves a lot of money and time in the long run. A little farsightedness and forethought is what it takes to chalk out a brilliant plan to be executed at the time of an emergency. Being prepared means you are under the supervision of tech experts. Adverse situations can do nothing if you are ready to counter the attacks. If you take charge of your system and respond under pressure, nothing will affect your business.

Factors that are responsible for the loss of data:

At times of disaster, one thing that mostly affects an organization is data loss. Malwares and Trojans can enter your system through unknown sources and delete all your data. Power outages leads to loss of data. If you are not accessing diagnostic utilities with caution, chances are high that your software is getting corrupted and all your stored data can get deleted at any point of time. If a third party has access to your system, they can misuse all stored data. Spilling any kind of fluid on your system can cause short circuit resulting in severe data loss.

The good news is that you can recover what you have lost with the help of Data Recovery in Dubai. Our experts at UAE Technician are efficient and experienced in handling data recovery cases. Rely on us and let us help you to recover all your lost data.

data recovery

Give a buzz and get solutions in an instant:

Feel free to dial our helpline number +971-523252808 for Data Recovery solutions. Don’t stress over the data that has been lost. Reach us and get hold of all your lost data. With us, there is no room for disappointment. We handle your issues with utmost care and provide you with affordable solutions. You can also mail us by enlisting your queries. We don’t make you wait for replies, we respond immediately to your calls and emails. So, what are you waiting for just reach us today!