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How To Change Folder Icon In Windows

If you love customizing your Windows look you might just as well want to customize your folder icon. Changing the folder icon will help you identify or distinguish what’s that folder is all about or what’s inside that folder aside from its folder name.

Changing a folder icon is easy in Windows just follow on through the guide, this tutorial applies to Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

To Change Folder icon
To Change Folder Icon right click on the folder you want to change its icon and click on Properties on the context menu.You can also change the application icon in Windows 7 Start menu by right clicking on the app you want to change the icon then selecting Properties on the context menu, then on the application icon click on the change Icon button .

On the Folder Properties window, click on the Customize tab, in the Customize tab click on the Change Icon button.

Select the icon you want on the list or if you want to use your own icon click on the Browse button.

Browse the icon you want to use on your computer the image should have a file extension of .ico, you can also download icon file at icon archive. After you have selected the icon you want to use click on the Open button, then on the next screen click on Apply then OK button.


As you can see the Folder icon have change. The ico file you use for changing your folder icon should not be deleted otherwise the folder icon will revert back to the default folder icon.