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How To Add Desktop Gadgets In Windows 7

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How To Add Desktop Gadgets In Windows 8

As you may have noticed when you upgrade or install a clean copy of Windows 8 on your computer desktop gadgets is nowhere to be found. Microsoft discontinued the use of Gadgets in its newer releases of Windows, this is because gadgets have security risk that can exploit your system and harm your computer. Windows 8 introduced Live Tiles which is more secure but you can only view it on the Start screen and has almost the same function with desktop gadgets. The difference between Live Tiles and Desktop Gadgets is that live tiles are less powerful than desktop gadget but are more secure because its apps are from Windows market and don’t have full access on your computer resources. Because Live Tiles don’t have full access on your system you won’t be able to monitor your computer system resource usage.

There are many reasons why you would want to use desktop gadget, if you want to monitor your computer system temperature, cpu usage, disk usage or your graphics card using a desktop gadget is still the best app to use.

Installing 8GadgetPack

Since Windows 8 discontinued Gadgets you won’t find it anymore within Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. To be able to use gadgets again you can use third-party software. I recommend using 8Gadgetpack for desktop gadgets, download 8GadgetPack and install on your computer. Installation of 8GadgetPack is easy and it won’t ask lots of questions during installation and also has many preloaded gadgets that are ready to use.

After installing 8GadgetPack you can right click on your desktop and you’ll see Gadgets on the context menu just like in Windows 7. Click on Gadgets on the context menu to run the desktop gadgets and select from a list of preloaded gadgets, you can double click or drag on your selected gadget to load on the sidebar just like what you do with Windows 7 desktop gadgets.

After dragging or double clicking on the Gadgets you like you’ll see them on your desktop. You can also download other gadgets and add them on the list.

If you don’t want the sidebar on your screen to appear don’t worry, you can right click on the sidebar and click on the Close sidebar to remove it on the desktop.

That’s how to add or install the desktop gadgets using third-party software, aside from 8Gadgetpack you can also use other apps for installing gadgets there’s a lot of apps on the net like this app, it’s your choice.