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How to Rip or Extract Audio CD with Windows Media player 12

If you have large collection of audio CD and you want to listen on them on your portable player such as your Phone or play it on your portable mp3 player, then you can extract or rip the content of your audio cd to a digital audio format and build a large personalized library on your hard drive or portable media player.

When you rip your audio cd, you simply store a copy of each song on your hard drive and keep your audio cd to avoid scratches on it. Once you have your songs copied on your hard drive you can play them at any time without the cd.

Please note that you can only make a copy for yourself and have purchased the material legally. Distributing copyrighted material is illegal and by all means is against the law.

To Rip or extract your audio cd content with Media Player 12:

1. In Windows 7 Click on start menu >> All Programs and click on Windows Media Player you have to insert your audio cd to enable the RIP CD tab

Ripping Audio CD with Windows Media Player 12

Click on the small arrow icon situated beside the Rip setting tab and click on More Options to show the media player RIP settings.

  1. By default, all songs you rip from your CD will be placed in your C:\Users\{account name}\Music folder. Where you want to save your file will depend on you, it is simply a matter of choosing how you organize your files or where to save it.
  2. Choose whether MP3, WMA, WMA Pro, WMA VBR, WMA Lossless, and WAV audio formats by clicking on the small down-arrow icon. If you plan to transfer your ripped audio to an MP3 player then you should select the mp3 audio format but be sure to check your player what audio format it can support.
  3. You can choose the amount of compression using the Audio Quality slider.

Other Options:

Copy Protect Music – all the songs you rip will be copy protected just the same way that content you purchase online is copy protected like in iTune store also you’ll place limitations on your own music. This will prevent you from using your rip music from playing on other computer and prevent other from copying your ripped songs and infringing on the copyright.

When you have completed adjusting your settings click on OK then click on the Rip CD tab. Before clicking the Rip CD button connect to the internet so that Windows Media Player can download the Album, song title and the name of Artist .