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How To Find Your Network Wifi Password

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How To Find Your Network Wifi Password – Network Security Key

To be able to connect your wireless device on a secured network whether it is a home or corporate network you have to know the wifi password to gain access on the network. If you are the administrator of your home or corporate network you might already know your network wireless password and know where to find this. But if you are not the network administrator or still learning about home networking or maybe you just forget your network security key “wifi password” and want to connect additional device on the network then by following this guide you still can add wireless devices and connect them to the network. There are two ways to know the wireless password you can look at the wireless security tab on your router or in Windows wireless network properties.

Note that this guide is not meant for stealing others network wireless password, this guide is only for finding your own wireless password you’re currently connected to.

To Run Wireless Network Properties In Windows

  1. In Windows 7 Click on the Start menu then click Control Panel. On The Control Panel window click on Network and Sharing Center.
    Windows 7 Network and Sharing properties – how to know your network wifi password

    On the Network and Sharing Center window click on Manage wireless networks.

Windows 7 Manage wireles network finding your wifi shared key

On the Manage Wireless Networks right click on the wireless SSID name you want to view the password then click on Properties. Proceed to Show Wifi Password

Windows 7 Manage wireless network selecting your wireless SSID name – finding wifi password

2.In Windows 8 hover your mouse on the lower right corner of your screen then click on the wifi icon icon or wireless icon. On the list of Network right click on the wireless SSID name you want to know the wireless password and click on the View Connection Properties. proceed to Show Wifi Password

Windows 8 Wifi View Network Properties

In Windows 8.1 open Control Panel then click on Network and Sharing Center and click on your wireless connections.

Windows 8.1 how to know your wifi password

To Show The Wireless Network Password

On the Wireless Network Properties click on the Security tab then click on the Show characters checkbox to show the network wireless password.

Wireless Network Properties Unmasking Network Security Key

To Find Your wireless Password On Your Router Wireless Configuration Page

To find your network wireless password on your router, connect to your router by opening your favorite internet browser and typing http:// and the I.P address of the router at the address bar then type the username and password of your router when asked. See list below for default username and password for different router brand name. If your wireless routers I.P address is not on the list below you can find your router I.P address by running Command prompt, type CMD on the search bar at the Start menu and press the Enter key. On the Command Prompt type Ipconfig and look for the Default gateway I.P address value, for example “Default Gateway ………” and type that I.P address on the web browser address bar.

Router Brand Address Username password
TP-Link admin admin
D-Link admin admin
Linksys admin admin
3Com admin admin
Netgear admin Password

When your inside the router settings look for the Wireless tab, note that different router brand and model have different setting pages, so your router may not look the same as with the image below, refer to your router manual for more information about your router. In the configuration page look for the Wireless tab then click Wireless Security tab. In the Wireless Security tab look for Passphrase, some router brand name label it as Shared key or Password, your wireless network password will be listed beside it.

Router Wireless Configuration Finding Wireless Network Password

You can change your network security key or network password by changing the text box content to your preferred password and clicking on the save button. After saving your settings all devices connected to your wifi network will be disconnected so you have to re-enter the new password on your wireless devices to be connected on the network again.