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How to Set Up DHCP in Windows

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How to Set Up DHCP in Windows Server 2008

Configuring a DHCP server on your Windows 2008 server will allow you to configure client computer network setting at the DHCP server provided that the client computer is set to obtain an IP address automatically.

Before beginning to configure your DHCP server verify that:

The computer you want to configure DHCP has a static IP address assigned to it.

All existing disk volume on your server uses NTFS file system, NTFS file system are more secure than FAT32 file system since FAT32 don’t support file and folder compression, disk quotas, and file encryption.

Updated Windows Server 2008.

To begin configuring your Windows 2008 DHCP server

Click on Start then click on Administrative Tools and finally click on Server Manager.

Windows Server 2008 Administrative Tools

On the Server Manager Window right click on Role and then select Add Roles

Server Manager

On the Before You Begin Window click on Next button to continue

On the Add Roles Wizard Window check DHCP Server checkbox and click on the Next button to continue

On the Select Network Connection Bindings Window check the network connection to bind by clicking on the checkbox beside the network IP address then click on the Next button to continue

On the Specify IPv4 DNS Server Settings Window specify your DNS server, which is in this case is the same machine.


On the Specify IPv4 WINS Server Settings Window leave the default value as is just click on the Next button to continue

Specify IPv4 WINS Server Settings – Configuring DHCP

On the Add or Edit DHCP Scopes Window click on the Add button to add a DHCP scope

Add or Edit DHCP scopes – Configuring DHCP


After clicking on the Add button you now have to give values for the:

Scope Name: Give your scope a name

Starting IP Address: Enter the Start address or the beginning IP address you want client computer to use
Ending IP Address: Enter the End address or the last IP address you want client computer to use
Subnet Mask: Enter the network subnet mask, usualy with 254 usable IPs is enough, but if you have a larger network infrastructure with more than 254 client computers you can use other value such as to have a 510 usable IPs or to have 65,534 usable IPs.
Default Gateway (optional): Enter your network gateway, usually your router IP address or your internet router

Click on OK when your done, the preceeding screen just requires you to click on the next button and accept the default value

  1. Confirm your installation selection and click on the Install button
  2. After clicking the install button DHCP server will be installed on the machine, wait till the process is complete
  3. After the installation process is complete you can now start managing your DHCP server