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What is a Computer Video Card?

A computer video card is used to output video signal to the computer display monitor. Video card is also called display adapter, video adapter, graphics card, display card and graphics board and when we hear this words it will immediately come to our mind that it point to one pc component which is the video card. Some modern motherboards have an on-board video, it is called on-board because they are integrated to the motherboard itself and share memory with the available system memory. Integrated video card cannot be replaced in case when it becomes defective, instead you have to use a discrete video card using the available PCI-Express slot or AGP expansion slot depending on the type of motherboard you have.

Modern discrete video card can display video signal on a multiple display monitors and it is possible to setup multiple graphics card in parallel on a motherboard as long as the motherboard and graphics card support this feature, SLI or Crossfire technology is used in this setup. These modes are mostly used by mid to hard core computer gamer and also for intensive video editing. For encoding, browsing and playing a not so power hungry games an onboard video is more than enough. The most popular video card manufacturers are NVIDIA Corporation and Advanced Micro Devices.

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