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Why Is Your Computer Not Sleeping And What To Do About It?

Windows 10 Operating System isn’t just one single thing. In fact, it is a patchwork of a thousand other things. It consists of nuanced and complex software that you can tweak and customize as per your convenience. Instead of Windows bossing you around, why don’t you become the master of it? Most of the Windows 10 users struggle with the sleep mode. So how about changing the sleep mode settings according to your requirement?

The sleep mode can behave rather weirdly at times. Every time you put your PC in sleeping mode, it suffers from insomnia and disobeys you. The thing is that sleep mode conserves battery usage and extends the battery life of your system. So a Windows 10 without an obedient sleeping mode can drain your PC battery to a considerable extent.

It’s Time To Help Your Computer Sleep

Sleep mode is essential when you have no time to waste and you need to conserve your battery. It prevents you from closing all the essential tabs when you are not using your system for some time. With the sleep mode, you will not have to boot your system again and again thereby, saving a lot of your time.

See if you are putting your computer in sleep mode in a proper way:

  • Go to the start menu and opt for the power button.
  • Choose the sleep option from the menu.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut.

The shortcut keys for the sleep mode is Windows + X, Windows + U, Windows + S. the trouble starts when your PC doesn’t obey you and wake up automatically. Then the possible reason for this would be a driver or any program which is overriding your sleep setting mode.

Computer Not Sleeping

Why Is Your Computer Not Sleeping?

Yes, the possible reason behind the failure of sleep setting mode could be an outdated or corrupted driver. Well, we will help you by identifying the error. You can do it by generating the energy report of your personal computer. The energy report will give all the details of the system error.

Well, the issue of the unexpected waking up of the system even after keeping it in sleep mode is not a big deal. You can quickly detect the error and resolve it. The steps mentioned here are interdependent. So just make sure that every step should be performed with care and attention.

Try these simple steps to generate the energy report

  • Open the command prompt of your system. (Make sure that while generating the report you must maintain the user as an administrator.)
  • Unable to access the administrator user? Log out from the user profile which you are using.
  • Opt for the Administrator Part.
  • You can also use the shortcut essential Control + Shift + Enter. This will make the system forced to run as an administrator.
  • Type the command/energy in the command prompt. It will take about a minute of time to generate the report. ( Please do not attempt any other task in the Windows 10 while the report generates. This may stop generating the report or can give the incorrect report about it.)
  • You will get a message about the Report Generation.
  • You can see your Energy Report by typing energy report.html in the command prompt.

The report may consist of various damages. One of the most common injuries which Windows 10 users face is IRMT Service. The INTEL READY MODE TECHNOLOGY Service. Well, you can also get rid of it quickly. You can uninstall the program to resolve the matter right away.

Precautions To Be Taken

It is easy to uninstall any program to run the other program in the system. But, you should be very thoughtful about it. You must double check before performing any task. Even if one step goes wrong, you may need to redo the entire procedure. So, it is advisable to resolve your problems under the expert guidance.

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