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Windows 10 Adds Apple’s Quick Look Feature

Christmas seems to have arrived early for the Windows 10 users as the Quick Look feature is now available on the Microsoft Store. We have all witnessed the tug of war between the Windows and Mac for years. Despite the fact that they both do not get along well with each other, it does not stop the users from using the brand they find more suitable for them.

Although Macs are less in number in the market compared to Windows PC, there are some features in the Mac OS which people want in Windows. One such characteristic that the Windows users have been dreaming of is the ‘Quick Look’ Feature.

Know more about Apple’s Quick Look Feature

If you have used a Mac device, you will know what the Quick Look Feature does. In case you have not used a Mac, you are unlikely to know a lot about this feature. So here is a brief description of what the Quick Look Feature does.

Mac’s Quick Look, as the name suggests, is a smart way of looking at the contents of the file on the system without the need for launching the application. First of all, click on the file. Now hit on the spacebar key. After this, the preview of that item shows up. It’s that simple to use. Apple Quick Look helps to view the images, files and folders, and documents without even opening them. The contents of the files are displayed in a decent thumbnail size.

Mac’s Quick ¬†Look is a really nice time-saving feature. This previews the images and documents in a convenient manner. The Quick Look Feature of Mac works for many other files as well. You can listen to music, watch videos, or read documents while doing some other work in the system. Quick Look makes our work even more effective by providing this features.

Apple Quick Look

What does Apple Quick Look bring to Windows 10?

In Windows 10, the Quick Look App is available in the Microsoft Play Store with a title “QuickLook”. This app is completely free to download. In Windows 10, it works just like in the Mac OS Quick Look feature.

Although unlike Mac OS, you will only be able to preview certain files and not all of them just yet. The functions are somewhat similar to the Mac OS. In Windows, you will be able to preview the files in the Files Explorer and hit on the spacebar once to show the preview. Press on spacebar once to close it. It is a simple process.

As of now, there are not many options available to customize the app. However, the Windows 10 Quick Look App does provide the zoom in and zoom out feature while reading the documents and PDF. You can press CTRL and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out on the documents. This app works well to preview most files, but the GIF preview might take a bit longer to load.

Performance of the Quick Look App in Windows 10

The working of the Quick Look app in Windows 10 operating system is very simple. Its performance is similar to how it works in the Mac OS. Follow the given steps to get a better understanding of, How to use the Quick Look Feature.

  1. Head over to the Microsoft Store and search for the Apple Quick Look App then download it.
  2. Once the app is downloaded, go to your File Explorer to see if the new app is working or not.
  3. Open your image folder and navigate through the images. Now select any image and press the spacebar to activate the Quick Look feature. Once you are done seeing the feature, hit the Spacebar again to close the preview.

Windows 10 Quick Look App is good but there is room for Improvement

This new Quick Look app imparts an interesting feature to Windows 10. However, since it is a free app it does not offer all the features that the Mac OS Quick Look does. At times, the handling of big pages may seem a bit difficult but only on a few occasions.

Apple Quick Look in Windows 10 supports all the file possible file formats like it does in Mac. It also gives HiDPI Support. This is a very useful addition to Windows 10. Although there is plenty of pros with this app, we certainly hope Windows will add more features in the future to help Windows 10 users make the most of this App.

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