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Windows Mixed Reality: Windows 10 Is Now Every Gamer’s Paradise

If you are a Gamer, Windows 10 is undoubtedly your favourite Operating System. Indeed, the Gaming Scene is a robust and ever-growing field. Speaking of which, Virtual Reality is gradually winning over several gamers around the globe. Although it’s relatively new, it is slowly gaining prominence.

A survey run by Steam indicated that Windows 10 is the most popular choice for Virtual Reality. As a matter of fact, it’s on route to reach over 60% market share. That’s truly astonishing.

Soon enough, Windows 10 will have twice as much share as Windows 7. This implies that Windows 10 is the future.

So, What Exactly Is Windows Mixed Reality?

You experience the thrill of Windows Mixed Reality by using the popular Steam VR.

Steam VR is a virtual reality system. Also, it contains a built-in headset to give you a better experience. This is a beautiful product of a partnership between Valve and HTC.

You get a sense of 3-D virtual reality through its high-resolution screens. Also, your streaming data refreshes at an incredibly high speed.

Microsoft believes that Windows Mixed Reality will blend virtual reality and reinforced reality. Also, you can expect headsets in the future that will provide augmented reality experiences.

Steam VR

Steam VR is a fascinating Tracking System. It allows you to track your GPS anywhere you want. For example, you get to go camping in the Himalayas even when you are in your living room! That’s the power of virtual reality.

It has incredible accuracy as well. Moreover, the developers kept your safety in mind. In case you get too close to the real world while playing, you get a quick yet subtle reminder.

Any Downside?

It is an exciting facility that makes you fall in love with gaming all over again. Yet, there are some trivial concerns. If you are playing a game where you need to keep your hands behind your back, it won’t work satisfactorily. Admittedly, the external sensors have room for improvement.

Rest assured, these improvements are not far away. You are looking at a future where motion sensors and cameras will be the basics. The headsets will be refined to give a greater sense of reality. Indeed, all your gaming fantasies will take shape.

Windows 10 – Why is it the best choice for Windows Mixed Reality?

  • With Windows 10, you get an excellent ambience of virtual reality.
  • Also, there are cameras an motion sensors in the headset. Windows 10 accentuates the overall experience.

Indeed, Windows 7 is expected to drop down to 30% shares. Admittedly, it’s tough competing Windows 10.

Is Windows 10 The Gamers Favourite Operating System? Here’s your Statistics.

According to Valve’s latest reports, Windows 10 took a massive jump of 1.51% compared to the earlier month. Indeed, it is progressing at a rapid speed.

In contrast, Windows 7 dropped down by 1.26%. This leaves it with a Market Share of 34.31%. Thankfully, Windows XP is approaching its end with a meagre 0.23% share.

Stirring things up with Windows Mixed Reality

Of course, virtual reality is nothing new. What’s surprising is that it is still not that popular among PC Gamers.

Out of the PC gamers that Steam had surveyed, only 0.7% has the VR headset.

According to Steam, Microsoft’s headsets account for around 6.25% of the VR-using populace. Admittedly, this is not an enormous percentage. However, this indicates a massive rise since the beginning of 2018. Astonishingly, there has been a 4.4% so far.

The tending VR headset is the property of Oculus Rift. They account for around 46.26%. On the other hand, HTC Vive has the second largest share with 44.56%.

Expect Windows Mixed Reality To Gear Up!

The gaming scene is a niche. Therefore, it will take some time for virtual reality to make its prominence in such a small place. Still, you already find several VR addicts making complete use of Steam VR Headsets.

Exciting offers will soon come upon the Windows Mixed Reality hardware. Afterall, other competitors are also showing up in this regard. Hence, Windows need to keep coming up with more attractive updates.

International sensation? You need to wait a while for the answer. In the meantime, why don’t you try this out yourself? If you are a Windows 10 user, then virtual reality is possibly your favorite new thing.

Technological advancement takes care of all you need. Why should a gamer’s privileges be overlooked? Therefore, enjoy what virtual reality has to offer.

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